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Why Organics

The implementation of an organic lawn care program is inteded to re-establish and balance the soil profile wih microbial life.  Mother Nature intended for her forests and grasslands to be self preserving.  Soil life provides the nutrients needed for plant life and the plants provide nutrients in the form of carbohydrates and sugars known as exudates to the biological soil profile.

Chemical based fertilizers have a negative effect on the population of micro organisms, often killing off entire populations and rendering the soil dead, completely void of life.  Practically all chemical fertilizers are salt based.  Salt has the same effect on the plants as drought.  Excessive salt in the soil reduces the plants ability to take up waterAccording to the US Department of Agriculture, National Resources Conservation Service, by enhancing the soil's organic matter, a series of soil changes and environmental benefits follow:

  • Surface structure becomes more sable and less prone to crusting and erosion. 
  • Water infiltration increases and runoff decreases and the soil structure improves.
  • Soils rich in organic matter hold 10 to 1,000 times more water and nutrients than the same amount of soil containing only minerals.

Homeowners hold an enormous potentail for restoring the richness of our plant and wildlife habitat that has been dislodged by our carelessness.  By maintaining a healthy organic surrounding in our neighborhoods we are helping to resotre environmental harmony for our children and beyond.

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