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Seasonal Tips & Trends

  • Recommended Spring Treatments
  • As soil temperatures begin to increase during late spring and summer, lawns become stressed and become prone to weeds, disease, and insects.
  • Control Summer weeds now! It is also very important to apply a preventative fungicide along with a bio-enhanced fertilizer once every 25 days. Weed seedlings that have remained asleep within your soil, especially crabgrass, are soon going to be woken up by warmer soil temperatures. Furthermore, if you're not protected from diseases such as brown patch, pythium, and dollar spot BEFORE the outbreak, you'll certainly be fighting them with almost double the chemical product, not to mention the unsightly effects of these diseases. Don't wait until it's too late!
  • Your soil is most active during the warm season. This means all the little beneficial microbes, fungi, and bugs are hard at work providing essential nutrients to your turf. Introducing an organic-rich nutrient into your soil only enhances microbial activity and will help build a very healthy soil profile.


Welcome To Organic Lawns

Organic Lawns' ™ approach to lawn care is unique and revolutionary. For us, it all starts with the soil. The foundation of all turf and plant health begins with healthy soil. Our bio-enhanced, custom blended and fortified organic based fertilizers help to detoxify and buffer the chemicals and salts that prevent bioactivity in the soil. Our Program helps to generate new soil-improving microbes as well as providing numerous plant trace nutrients and bio-stimulants. Our program contains a variety of products like natural composts, organic based fertilizers, amino acids, rooting and growth hormones, microorganism and beneficial bacteria, and in some cases, custom blended compost tea applications.

Our program is designed to develop a thick, healthy, green lawn using organic and organic based products. Our focus is on creating healthy lawns thru proper soil management by using an integrated organic based approach to turf management. It's much more than just fertilizer program; it's a concept. We use only quality, custom blended, bio-enhanced organic fertilizers.