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Organic Fertilizer Program - Lets create a safer environment!

Organic LawnsTM takes great pride in offering an "environmentally safer" lawn care program especially designed and formulated to meet the needs of your lawn.  Although a lush, green lawn is the desired end product, a beautiful lawn is only possible with the existence of healthy soil!  With a lawn evaluation, your soil is tested by a certified lawn care specialist and an organic fertilizer program is created using organic based fertilizers, fungicides and insecticides.  Not only can you have a beautiful lawn, but you can have an "environmentally safer" lawn for your family and pets.  By maintaining a healthy organic yard, you are doing your part in helping to restore environmental harmony.

Aeration and Overseeding - Positive benefits for your lawn!

Aeration: The process of removing small plugs of grass and soil from the ground, creating new air spaces or voids which allows nutrients to immediately absorb closer to the root, thereby strengthing the root system and the overall plant health.

Overseeding: Replenishing grass with new seed following fall aeration.

Why lawn aeration and overseeding?

  • Aeration - Decreases the buildup of thatch (roots, rhizomes, and lawn clippings that have not been broken down between the surface of the soil and the layer of grass disallowing roots to properly affix to the soil).  The root system is not always able to get the necessary nutrients it needs to withstand changes in temperature and long-term good health.  In addition, excessive thatch provides a breeding ground for pests like insects and grubs, which will harm the lawn even further.  Aeration also allows oxygen and our custom blended and bio-enhanced fertilizers to penetrate to the root system, making the roots stronger and deeper.  Deep roots help grass withstand harsh conditions of weather better.
  • Overseeding - Every lawn has a loss of grass each season wether it is due to disease, drought, or high traffic.  Some lawns have no grass and mostly weeds.  The occupation of new grass will NATURALLY decrease weed infestation, thus reducing the need for herbicides.

Tree and Shrub Services - Compliment your yard!

A beautiful lawn is complimented by healthy trees and shrubs.  Shrub DoctorTM , a sister company of Organic LawnsTM , provides integrated plant healthcare programs that control disease and infestation in/on your ornamental trees and shrubs to promote healthy growth.  Like Organic LawnsTM, most products used by Shrub DoctorTM are 100% organic and are custom blended with maximum efficiency with healthy results in mind.  Shrub DoctorTM customers can expect scheduled inspection of trees, shrubs and soil for signs of past or current disease or insect infestation followed by selective treatments for the ongoing control of any disease and/or insect problems.

Lawn Restoration- Unhappy with your lawn?  Don't let your lawn embarrass you!

Did you know that a beautiful lawn can increase your overall home value up to 15%?  Nothing is more frustrating than an ugly yard!  Within a year of enrolling in our lawn restoration program, your neighbors will be complimenting your yard, guaranteed.  Your personally designed program will allow us to:

  • Remove thatch and weed build up
  • Adjust your soil's pH
  • Add bio-enhanced nutrients, fungicides and insecticides
  • Increase organic matter within your soil profile
  • Aerate and overseed compacted yards
  • Care for your young lawn, nurture it to maturity and maintain its healthy beauty
  • Enhance your property value through a well-cared for landscape
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