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J. Walker, Dilworth
"I've tried some of the major franchised lawn service companies over the years and always seemed to feel they flew through the yard, dropped some chemicals and drove away. When Organic Lawns, works on our lawn, they actually get down and look at it. They take the time to figure out what kind of products might fix or improve it. And the fact that they concentrate on organic products, suits me just fine."

M. Rusnak, South Charlotte
“Organic Lawns and Ryan Rech deliver an excellent service and product. They take great pride in what they do and are very knowledgeable about their industry. Ryan is always willing to offer guidance and advice; my lawn care and overall curb appeal has become better year after year working with Organic Lawns. We’ve improved the lawn’s health more than I could have ever imagined and I’m happy to say he’s made it the best on the block. Working with this team has been a real pleasure and I appreciate how they set realistic expectations for their results, with which I’m truly pleased.”

J. Anderson, South Charlotte
"Ryan has been very diligent regarding keeping our lawn healthy and looking its best. Our neighbors all compliment us on how good our lawn looks. We highly recommend Organic Lawns."

Rick, Indian Land, SC
“I have contracted my lawn treatment program with Organic Lawns for over 5 years now. We started with Organic Lawns because we have a dog, and wanted a lawn treatment program that was more organic and used far fewer chemicals than most lawn treatment programs. We soon learned that there were many other benefits from the organic program that resulted in a very healthy, green lawn. When we moved into our new home in SC from South Charlotte 2 years ago, I called Organic Lawns and contracted with them to begin service of the new sod lawn at our new home. After a few months of treatments, neighbors began asking me how I was able to keep my lawn looking so lush and green and healthy in the heat of the summer. This was during an unusually hot and dry season, when most of the lawns in our development were turning brown and diseased from the stress of the heat. Neighbors would comment that I had the best looking lawn in the neighborhood! Not surprisingly, Organic Lawns is now servicing many homes in our development!”

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